Sea Otters

Sea otters are those cute little critters you can find in rafts, holding hands, in the Northern and Eastern Pacific Ocean's waters.

Their size, as adults varies widely from 14kg to 50kg.

They forage the bottom of the ocean, looking for mollusks, crustaceans, and small fish, and they are one of the only mammals using tools to access their food. More often than not, will you see a sea otter with a crab on its belly, and using a rock to break the shell. 

They are social animals, hiding in the kelps, playful, and a little snoopy at times. 

Interesting fact: the sea otters rally in large groups, holding hands so they don't drift. Those large single-sex groups are called Rafts.

I've been looking for sea otters in the Telegraph Cove, Malcolm area for years, and only last year did we start seeing them regularly. 

After being massively hunted for their fur, they became an endangered specie, and are now protected. They make a great comeback in the northern Pacific waters.