Grassi Lakes, Alberta

Our first hike , right after moving to Canada , was Grassi Lakes. It’s licated in the Rocky Mountains, very close to Canmore, Alberta. 
A friend of mine, also French , was a mountain junky. He used to hike the Rockies every weekends, and decided he would take me and the boys to a small Sunday hike. 
He didn’t know that this little escapades will make me fall in love instantly with this area. 

When we arrived at the first lake, I was in shock with the beauty of that tiny lake, the colour of the bottom we could see through a translucide water, the blues and greens reflecting the sky and mountains. 

After that one , I kept on going back as soon as I was having a little time and one day we went during the winter. 
Here is who we found up at the second lake !! 


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