Bute Inlet, BC, Canada.

A few years back I took a tour to the Bute Inlet. The only way to go this inlet is by taking a tour as it's managed by the Homalco first nation who tries to reduce access to the area in the spirit of conservation and well being of the bears.

September is the ideal time to get there as the grizzlies come down to the Irford River to feed on spawning salmons. 

That day was a rainy day, but that didn't stop the bears and the seagulls to make a feast of the thousand of dying salmons. The smell is quite something ( dead fish are not known to smell good !!), but the beauty of the area and the majestic bears make it all disappear. 
I had seen a few bears in the course of the past years, but what I saw there was something totally different. Sows with cubs coming down the river bear sharing a fish with a seagull, swimming momma... I loved every minute of it.

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