Little Huson Caves, BC

Today I take you to a little gem, nestled north of Vancouver Island.

We've been going to the Port McNeill area for about 12 years ( almost as long as we've been in Canada !!) and we've been saying: we should go to the Little Huson caves for about as long! But we never made it there because when in Telegraph Cove, we just enjoy the scenery and the activities the area has to offer.

It took for our boat to go to the "SPA" ( and get polished and cleaned) for us to explore the area. 
We really should have done that before. But, better late than never, we are so happy we did.

The little trail taking you from the parking lot to the caves is well-groomed, very enjoyable, and beautiful. We haven't seen a lot of people, in fact, the only people we saw and talked to were: French from France, even better, they come from my hometown (what are the odds ????)

Located off Highway 19, about an hour and 15 minutes north of Campbell River and close to the village of Woss, you’ll find limestone caves and rock arch formations that are beckoning you to come and explore! 

Enjoy the visit :

Visit this site for more information about this amazing location : Little Huson Park

All the pictures were taken by me, Lo,and are copyrighted. I love reading comments and feel free to share this post. Contact me should you want a print or a digital file.