My most beautiful mistake

I still remember that day, it was year ago. As we were boating the strait, a pod of Orca came in, close to the boat. Following the regulations, we shut off the engine and enjoyed the view. A large male came close to the boat to a point that we could see inside the blowing hole, and this female was slowly going her way along the shore. I messed up my settings and shot that picture too fast. When I looked at the screen, I was about to delete it as I thought it would be a black picture! I'm so happy I didn't ... this is a "straight out of camera" image, I'm personally going to print it on metal and hang it in my house. I think it's one of my best images so far ( personal choice). I would love to hear what you think about it

All the pictures were taken by me, Lo, and are copyrighted. I love reading comments and feel free to share this post. Contact me should you want a print or a digital file.