A little road trip in the backcountry.

Today was a day with absolutely no want to stay home. Yet, the weather was not the best for a hike. So I decided to hop into the car and go for a little road trip in the area. It's easy to end up in the backcountry when you live in Calgary. The city is surrounded by ranches, range roads and other gravel roads. A few kilometres on Crowchild trail and here I am, roaming the backcountry roads, camera ready to shoot and my eyes wide open.

It was snowing, a little bit, which makes for beautiful stock portraits. 

Here is the area I covered.
Who would say that 20 kilometres away from this rural setting is an almost 1.6 million people's city ?? 

All the pictures were taken by me, Lo, and are copyrighted. I love reading comments and feel free to share this post. Contact me should you want a print or a digital file.