Cluxewe Beach

North Vancouver Island ( Hello BC  or Vancouver Island North ): one of the most beautiful areas in Western Canada : wild, gems of beaches everywhere, amazing people, rainforest and much more.

Talking with some local people, we heard once about the Cluxewe Beach trail. We also heard that this beach is a hidden gem, a place where you are almost certain you will be alone, won't see anyone else and if you go at low tide, you will see rock formations like nowhere else. 

After looking it up on Google, I found the access and we decided to go for a little ride to this beautiful place.

Head North on Highway 19, past Port McNeill. When we saw the sign Cluxewe Campground, we kept going until we found access to the logging road on the right. We took it, and because it was summertime, and the area hadn't seen rain for weeks, the cloud of dust was insane !! The Jeep felt at home !!

Once we reached the parking lot, we instantly started the little hike in the rainforest, trees, roots, nursing trees, wooden stairs, more roots is a superb little walk in the deep of the woods. 

And then, here it is : the beach, beautiful, overlooking Cormorant Island, with its little pool puddles and beautiful rocks.

         Take a picnic and enjoy the area, it's well worth it.

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